On    18th    February    1982    Jasper    Joseph was   born   in   Berlin   to   a   German   mother and a British father. Since   his   early   days   of   childhood   he   was fascinated   by   world   of   cinema.   Especially inspired    by    the    classic    works    of   Alfred Hitchcock   and   Roman   Polanski   his   desire grew to became a film actor. After     graduating     from     Highschool     in Portland   (U.S.)   and   Berlin   (Germany),   he joined   the Acting   University   Berlin   2003   till 2006   and   “The   Studio”   Los   Angeles   from 2007 till 2008. Since   receiving   his   diploma   Mr.   Joseph works   as   a   freelancing   actor   for   various TV- and movie productions.
Apart    from    that    he    as    well    directed seven    shortfilms    so    far    which    were based    on    his    ideas    and    scripts.    They had         appearances         at         different filmfestivals    world    wide    (Los    Angeles, Sapporo, Shanghai) . At    the    moment    his    first    feature    movie      “Flight   TY437”   (wt)   is   in   preperation   for 2021.
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